Created with After Effects, Photoshop, 3DS Max, and Soundbooth
Music: "Capa Suits Up" By John Murphy

The idea behind this piece was rebranding the Droid line of phones, as companies do with all products at some point. The change in branding is going from red to blue and, as with most product designs, curvy to angular (examples below). I had to balance changing the existing designs while making sure not to go too far as to lose the already established brand awareness.

I brainstormed different ideas for the logo and especially focused on the 3's design. I knew that I wanted the "3" design and the shape on the back of the phone to mirror one another. I sketched out a bunch of different iterations until I came to the one that seemed to fit. Based off that I sketched out a rough design of the phone. After a few refinements I came up with a more finalized design.

The phone was built in 3DS Max and rendered with V-Ray. I unwrapped and textured the high poly as it was, rather than bothering with building a low poly and worrying about casting. It did save me a lot of time in the end. The brushed metal texture is overdone so I could get it to show in the final piece.

After further planning I decided that putting a 3 on the logo would be unnecessary because I decided to use the phone itself. Instead I redesigned the Droid name to make it more angular, in fitting with the product design.

Here are some shot breakdowns going from Max renders to final plates. I rendered some of them out of Max with the surroundings so they would cast interesting reflections and keyed them out using render elements.